Twothousandandeight – Don’t be late

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aaaaaaah! the feeling of a freshly laundered year is here again just like clockwork.
I’m back from America now – I had intended to be up early every morning and type away musing on the oddities of US living while sipping a mug ‘0’ Joe, but before I knew it xmas was done and I was on a plane back to Heathrow. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.
Christmas was a quiet affair – Me Debbie and my parents. We ate, drank a little, exchanged gifts (watched were popular this year) and went to the cinema. It seems to have become a tradition of my parents to go to the movies on Christmas day now – they claim it’s because there’s nothing but it’s a Wonderful Life on TV, which I don’t think is a bad thing at all, in fact the first year I visited them in 2001 we went to the glorious Byrd cinema in Cary street, Richmond and watched it’s a wonderful life on the big screen with pre-show carol accompaniment from ‘The Mighty Wurlitzer’! Amazing stuff. This year we watched Sweeny Todd at a muliplex – not quite the same ambience, but I thoughraly enjoyed it none the less. My Mum was convinced until she could see Johnny Depp’s pasty pallour on screen that we must be in the wrong screen because there were too many young people in there. “Don’t they know what it’s about? Do they realise it’s a musical?” I tried to explain that the yoof are loving musicals right now and it’s a Tim Burton / Johnny Depp extravaganza so anyone with a pule will wasnt to see this film on opening weekend over Christmas when there’s nothing on TV, but it fell on deaf ears. My mum did enjoy it too thankfully.

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