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Nic Finch

Welcome to Chameleonic, a freelance design studio for unleashing creativity and captivating audiences across diverse cultural sectors and beyond. I work in a full spectrum of services, including graphic design, illustration, moving image, and digital projects, tailored to the needs of independent-minded clients.

I thrive on pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. Whether you’re a dynamic business, a forward-thinking organisation, or an individual with a bold vision, I’ve got you covered. My expertise spans brand creation, editorial layout, illustration, video content, and online projects to project clear and effective communication.

If you’re seeking to breathe life into your brand, tell your story through mesmerising visuals, or engage your audience in new ways, I’d love to help you. Drop me a line to discuss your project or explore exciting collaboration opportunities. I love connecting, so don’t hesitate to say hi on the socials as well.

Thanks for stopping by.