Secret 7 – Digital Witness

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Secret 7 – Digital Witness

Another year, another Secret 7 entry

Amongst this year’s choices to create a single cover around was St Vincent’s ‘Digital Witness’. As a long time fan of St Vincent, and this single in particular it seemed a natural for for me to make my 7 inch cover around the themes of privacy, digital awareness and what it means to share and voyeur online.

I took screenshots of popular websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter along with e-commerce shops like Amazon and a few obligatory porn shots. I then pixelated these images to create an ‘all seeing eye’ collage around them.

Entry to Secret-7 Auction 2015. Design for St.Vincent’s Digital Witness.

s7_2015_02  s7_2015_01 s7_2015_1 s7_2015_0s7_2015_3s7_2015_2

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