No mo mo

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No mo mo

The first week of December and my upper lip is laid bare. Over the past month of (m)ovember I had cultivated half of my facial hair in the aid of helping to raise awareness of men’s health.
As I regularly wear a full beard, I began the 1st of November clean shaven and let my Twitter and contact list know of my planned endeavour. I do envy those who have the discipline and determination to really put themselves out there for charity – running a marathon, climbing a mountain or pushing the limits of human endurance in other ways, so letting my tasty follicles free is admittedly an easy route, but it’s a bit of fun, I get to live the gentlemen’s dream and thanks to the people who sponsored me, it’s for a worthy cause.

thankfully I’ve largely had quite positive reactions from people (including my three year old niece and family) on the moustache – a handlebar certainly seems to suit me better than the pure top lip affair I sported a few years ago: RAF-chav isn’t as appealing as it sounds.

However, despite getting rather accustomed to my Freddie Mercury inspired chops, come advent, I felt it wouldn’t be in the spirit of the event to hold onto it, and as all good things must come to an end – my lip this week is smooth and fresh.

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