BreakThrough video

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BreakThrough video

The electro-folk-rave duo Trwbador recently asked if I’d like to make a video to accompany their new single ‘Breakthrough’

Owain asked if it could follow the design of the 7 inch single cover, which seemed like an exciting challenge. The 7 inch sleeve uses images from a multitude of sources – 35mm, digital SLR, phone camera and digital harinezumi. I’d have to gather similar footage, but ideally all from one source, so I set out with my DSLR filming aspects of urban life, with special mention for small bursts of nature and macro details. I wanted to keep the footage quite raw, to make no apology for it’s ‘video’ quality (rather than over-grade and make it feel more like film). The shapes from the cover take the form of simple animated masks. Initially seeming like simple video wipes and transitions, somewhat reminiscent of a 1980’s daytime BBC2 school documentary, building up to a multi-layered collage at the songs’ finale.

Rather than focus the animation and movements on the songs’ beats and rhythm as I do for Trwbador’s live visuals, I wanted to take it in a more unexpected route and follow the underlying synth patterns, breaking the pace slightly for the chorus and breakdowns. Finally, I blended in animated loops of my niece’s scribbling endeavors, pulsating them according to the song volume.

(please make sure it’s on HD setting before viewing)

Trwbador – Breakthrough Feat. ESSA from chameleonic on Vimeo.



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  1. Steve Dimmick
    April 24, 2014

    Brilliant Nic. Great track (reminded me of True Skool, the Roots Manuve / Coldcut team-up… in fact the rappers tone is soooo similar to Roots Manuva it’s scary : and a great, as you say, raw video.

    I am guessing it’s the doodling that’s by the niece you allude to at the end of the post?

    Keep up the good work; you’ve made me want to come and see Trwbador live 🙂


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