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A week ago I shot, cut and sent off my entry to the Radar Festival. I doubt I’ve a Rat asses chance in hell of getting anywhere with it, but I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t at least try. Admittedly I had all Summer to make this, but the deadline got extended, I started college and forgot about it until a week before it had to be in and I got a reminder email from them. So I hired a sports-cam from the amazing boys at Widelode , and filmed me cycling about for a few hours until I almost crashed into a bewildered pedestrian and fell head over hells off my bike, riping the cable from the back of the camera -oops, my bad. So with limited footage, I spent two 7-hour nights cutting it up. I was hoping to treat the footage a bit and colour it – get it all shiny like, but just didn’t have time. In a way I’m glad – I like the lo-fi feel of it, it links in well with the ruffness of the tune, and if I had spent all Summer editing it, it may have been knitted to death as my high school Art teacher would say. I hope you like it!

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