me and the doctor!

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Well well. For some bizzaro reason I recieved an invite to the torchwoood premiere in Cardiff Bay last night. It was quite a funny scenario with a whole host of fellow reprobates I know huddled about drinking far too much free wine and eating mini food off trays – the mini fist-sized chipolata bangers and mash was crazy like.
The actual showing of the first episode was interesting – the actors who play the ‘torchwood’ team were sat in the row behind me whooping and giggling like over-excited kerayzees and the GLC sat to my right (Egsy told me he had a jazz cigarette beforhand to get him in the best zone possible).

Torchwood was much better than I thought it would be – I’d seen a trailer on TV and to be honest it looked a bit too try hard and overly overtly ‘set in Cardiff’. A fact which it has no shame in (and quite rightly) but the constant self refrencing and the line ‘so why are you in Cardiff’ and cardiff this and that all gets a bit embarressing at times, but in the excitment of watching it for the first time in the same room as David Tenant and Billie Piper I didn’t mind too much, siting at home on the sofa however I might start getting shouty. there’s blood, running, it’s funny, there’s a bit of swearing and it does look really good.

So, right now I reckon Torchwood might be worth a watch, and besides I got to meet the doctor!

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