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Over the weekend I travelled down to Bracknell (between Reading and Slough) to take photos of a Kickboxing Tournament called “Armageddon”. I went down with the Widelode boys as they were making a DVD of the event and needed a photographer, So I donned my photographers pants and had a quick round of Streetfighter2 on my gameboy before leaving the house.
It was an interesting and fascinating day out, and I was suprised how into it I got – not necissarily the fighting, but the aesthetics of the fighters and their moves. The children fights suprise me, as did the ‘Mai Tai’ no holds barred full contact with elbows and knees fights. the ringside seats were litterally blood splattered by the end of the night.
I’ve put some pics up on my Flickr Account, and might add some more over the next few days.

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