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Well there I was – fending off a mid-afternoon pang of choco need, so I popped down to the cornershop, and bought myself a KITKAT. I always feel a bit guilty buying them because Nestle apparently rape babies (RAPE BABIES I TELLS YA!) but they do taste good. Just that right balance between chocolate and wafer.
NOT THIS TIME! I got all Kit (the chocolate) without any KAT (the wafer). I was shocked and amused – at first anyway, I mean it’s not everyday this sort of wonder happens is it? I ate the first finger, assuming all would be normal on the second, but AGAIN! it was solid chocolate. I then took a photo about half way through before finishing it off. I was going to save the last two fingers to send back to nestle, but I got hungry a bit later on and ate them too. I’ll probably still send them the wrapper and an angry letter of course.

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  1. Sam
    October 20, 2006

    Thats funny, cos I always thought that the one end was the Kit, and the other the Kat, all this time I was happy with my little wickedness at cosuming the Kat end first……
    Nic you BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!


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