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This time last week I was pretty much caffeine free and in the throes of a psychological and emotional purging. One may have enhanced the other, I’m not too sure, all I know is that I’m back with the drug I love (caffeine, although not to extent I was) and I’m still feeling the effects of my sea-change last week.

What gave me a second wind came in the form of three tiny tiny pills based around compounds extracted from plants and had some truly mind-manifesting effects. What’s more it was 100% legal!
I had tried homeopathy many moons ago when I was about 10 to try and cure my asthma. it seemed to me then to be relatively orthodox – I was tested for allergies, my diet was watched and I was given a huge course of pills to take over months. The experiment was stopped short however when my school doctor caught wind of this and threw my precious stash away saying this isn’t how we do things in this day and age’. since then my ‘remedies’ have consisted of the occasional dose of rescue remedy dropped onto the tongue when feeling peaky.

A few weeks ago I went to see my homeopathy doctor and had an hour long chat about what ails me. There’s nothing properly wrong – I’ve jut finished an intensive course fuelled by late nights and Debbie felt I might need some direction and de-stressing, so she packed me off for a consultation. It felt more like a counseling session and I felt with a slight weight off my shoulders. A few weeks later my package arrived. three small sugar pills with instructions – one at night, the following morning and at night again – a short sharp dose.

that night I had the deepest sleep I could remember, followed by me oversleeping to some very vivid dreams based where I grew up, meeting up with old friends. That day I was dazed and light headed, but suprisingly contemplative. I was also quite short tempered and not afraid to be argumentative from an unusually subjective stance. I was also breaking out in pimples.
the next day I awoke from an equally deep sleep to the sound of the cats fighting, and went back to sleep to some vivid cat dreams, in an almost feverish state over and over again in my head. I eventually dragged myself out of bed feeling more calm and collected than I had in along time – then I began to cry uncontrollably – not happy or sad, just an outpouring of raw emotion. all very odd.

Since this episode I have been feeling a lot more focused and able to see things from a wider perspective, I’m also a lot more opinionated, and know what I want, which can only be good considering how numb to my own opinions I had become.

All very psychedelic, and not at all what I was expecting. People usually see homeopathy as a rather benign medicine, and I had always considered it to be more physical – meaning for ailments of the body. I had never thought it to be quite so mind altering.
Either that or my homeopathy doctor is a which!

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