Giorno duo

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My romantic vision of today was to wander through the brera part of town. The guide books promise a wealth of interesting little shops, galleries,  studios and cafes. We didn’t quite find the bohemian treasures I had imagined, but were did take a peek around the astronomy department of the university and stumbled upon ARMANI’s design studio (I wonder if he’d be impressed with my counterfeit sunglasses? ).

After a limonate for Debbie and a crema café fredo (a short, strong, sweet, icy and creamy coffee) in my belly we headed to the modern art gallery back over in the palestro gardens for a forgettable one man show. Back to the hotel for a refreshing drop in the pool it was then 🙂
This evening we met up with Laura and her fiancee Fabio along with their fellow teacher friends in Ingrid and Stuart from Hong Kong and turkey respectively. We all went for a pizza (capricciosa for me tonight) before parting before our meeting tomorrow at lake Como for the wedding (Laura and Fabio’s ).

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