Dead Animal Round up

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Well I’ve been in a whirlwind of change and busy-ness the last few weeks – and no bloggin action has taken place! I was going to write a blog about my worry over what forms my blog should take – should it be an emptying of my heart? A soapbox for my politcal thoughts? a day by day account of things I do? I couldn’t come to any rational decision on this, so decided to make it whatever I damn well feel like when I get round to adding to it OKAY? good.

Ahem – where was I? oh yes – dead animal time!
First up is a dead dog I saw on my way to work. I had forgotten my glasses so actually thought this to be a real dog untill I got closer (it’s the tongue hanging out of it’s mouth that gives away it’s deadness).

However I have been finding dead birds in the garden. I don’t think Mr. Ruddock has caught them as if he catches something, he’ll usually display it for us as a gift. Debbie and I reckon it’s the newly errected mobile phone mast just beyond our garden – I’m sure I read somewhere that everytime a mobile phonecall makes a connection, that burst of electro-magnetic radiation can knock some bird’s radar out, sometimes killing them. remember – everytime you pick up a call, you kill a sparrow.

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