animal emotion

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I just read this article on whether or not pets and animals in general have emotions and consciousness. Is it just me or is that not absurd? not the fact that animals have awareness of themselves and others around them, but that some people find it so hard to imagine that humans might not such a separate entity after all. I think it’s just something that I’ve always taken for granted – that animals have just as acute understanding of pain, loss, confusion, love and communication, but it’s obviously not in a form that humans totally understand – it doesn’t make it any less valid, it’s just different. I don’t see why humans have such a monopoly on being any more complex than anything else on this planet.

It kind Reminds me of an incident a few years back when a friend of mine got stopped and was asked why he was vegetarian – my friend didn’t really know what to say until a barrage of ‘You know animals don’t have spirits, they don’t understand or feel anything’ only humans have souls and Jesus and can yours…’.

Humans eh? think they’re god’s special children with a right to selfishly command over all that we think we own. I can’t wait until the shit hits the fan and everyone no matter which version of god they believe in, no matter if they’re the good guys or the baddies – everything finally gets put into perspective and our insignificance in the grand scheme of things smacks humanity into a paradigm shift that turns all the blinkered minds into a delicious neuron smoothie.

Please excuse me, I’ve been canning the beechams powders all week. I may have become a little unhinged.

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