Whispers From the Wires – Trwbador

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Whispers From the Wires – Trwbador

I’m currently busy finishing off the 7 inch single artwork and video for Trwbador’s next single, so I thought it’d be nice to bounce some questions over to the duo at their home in Mid Wales via email….

How important do you feel imagery and graphics are to music – does design matter? (although I know it’s all about the music really)

Music is like the tasty cake and everything else are the icings and cherries. I don’t think there is anything wrong in making music a collective experience using other elements such as visuals,design & touch.
For me I like to create a world where by people can choose to enter if they so wish, I see it more as a production as a whole, which is where I would like to take the live set furthermore too. Instead of the listener simply entering a room to watch us as people playing music, I would like for people to enter a small world to have a collective experience…..I guess.

Summer is the other side of this winter – do you have any festival plans or offers yet?

We play Dinefwr Literature Festival in June. There are a couple of others on the horizon too 😉

and finally, if you were being sent on a mission to Mars, what one thing would you take with you to keep you from going loco?


The new Trwbador single (name still under wraps) will be out in April along with a new album expected in the Autumn 2014!

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