Thrifty times

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It was an early start to the day with a rude awakening from one of the other house guests, Maya the bengal cat. She and mariska are staying with my parents for a few weeks while a friend moves house from Porthcawl back to her home country. They are magnificent beasts, with very individual temperaments and very cute and chatty.

After coming to and a spot of breakfast, the humans of the house removed a sprawling fig tree from the garden. The justification bring that it was taking over and that the racoons are eating the fruit as fast as it can produce it. Personally, I probably would have kept it as a great specimen, but my relaxed attitude to gardening is something of a departure from my mothers exacting horticulture management. A near fainting episode and sweaty half hour later, the finch family had felled the tree and space for another big plant was prepared.
This afternoon I stopped by a goodwill thrift shop and picked up a few records before pipping to the pet store for a laser pointer for dual cat teasing and power point duties.

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