Fresh porcini mushroom pasta recipe

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Fresh porcini mushroom pasta recipe

It’s autumn again, and that means the hills and woods are alive with fungus! One of the most sought after cooking mushrooms are Porcini’s, or ‘Ceps’. I first encountered fresh porcini’s last summer while staying near lake Como in Northern Italy, where I ate the most amazing simple dish of mushroom spaghetti , seemingly cooked with just butter and parsley.

This is a version of that dish, with a few additions to add a bit of colour and sweetness, but remember to go easy on anything extra, as it’s the delicate flavour of the porcini that is the real star here.

Ideally, this meal is a just reward for a days shroom hunting, but I got mine at the Roath farmers market from boys at Blaencamel farm.


Some fresh Porcini mushrooms



Cherry tomatoes (if you want them)

Butter (or Olive oil)

small glass of white wine

Squeeze of lemon

spaghetti / Linguine (or any other pasta to hand)


A fresh porcini!

20131001-221116.jpgClean your mushrooms with a small stiff brush – a mushroom brush ideally, but do not wash them!


20131001-221150.jpgI cooked my mushrooms with garlic, butter, white wine, parsley, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan (or any other good quality Italian hard cheese) a squeeze of lemon and spaghetti!



20131001-221231.jpgFirst, pan fry the mushrooms in a dry pan, for a minute or so, until they just begin to golden, but not browned. Add a good corner of butter (or glug of olive oil if you prefer) and the garlic. Stir it all in until the mushrooms are coated in melted butter and garlic. Don’t have the heat up too high as to not burn the garlic, but keep a gentle sizzle.

20131001-221240.jpgCook your spaghetti at this point.

20131001-221251.jpgThrow in a good splash of white wine

20131001-221303.jpgparsley, tomatoes, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of cheese

20131001-221314.jpgToss in the spaghetti and serve!

20131001-221323.jpg A glass of easy going red is a perfect accompaniment . I picked up a dependable bottle of Baron de Badass(arrie) from the bottle shop on Albany road, arguably the best independent beer and wine merchant in Cardiff (there’s even a dansette playing a selection of jazz records in store while you shop).



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