Some Frequently Asked Questions

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

It occurred to me that there is a pile of (literally) Frequently Asked Questions of me and by me, some that are asked on a daily basis, or at least a handful of times a week.

I’m sure I’m not alone in addressing some of these questions asked of us by our loved ones, house mates, work colleagues etc. So these may come as no surprise….

What are you looking at? (on the internet)

None of you business. It’s probably Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest. Or I’m catching up on the Guardian, Medium, The Next Web or… no, not THAT.

Well have you decided?

Probably not, otherwise I would have come to a decision. I’m terrible at making decisions, it’s truly one of my Achilles heels. I’m getting better as I get older, and am more inclined to go with my gut instinct, but sometimes…. Damn!

What do you want for dinner / breakfast ?

It’s usually me asking this to my dear wife, after all I tend to do a lot (but not all) of the cooking in our house, and often need to pop to the shops on my way home to pick up supplies.

Cup of Tea / Coffee?

Good lord, if I got a penny every time I asked this or got asked (both at home and the studio) I’d be a rich man. Coffee gets the machine working, and tea sustains it. I cannot comprehend a world in which these words are not uttered. Unthinkable.

Have you called…. (the doctors / vets / parents)

AAAAARGH! damn my memory!

Have You fed the Cat?

It’s common sense that dictates that whoever is up first / home first will have fed the cat. So it’s at the weekends when time is a little more fluid that this gets asked. usually I have.

What time will you be home?

When I’m done and finished. To be honest I ask this too, it’s not a one way street – pretty much like the dinner FAQ.



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