Dead mouse

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First of all, welcome to my blog.

After many years of thinking of writing a blog and not doing so, bar a few ‘news’ pages on some of my websites, I have decided to take the plunge. I don’t know if this will be a log of my daily deeds, my thoughts, doodles and photos I can’t put up on Flickr because my free account has run out for the month. It may just last a few days like so many fads. Or it could folllow my exploits for a lifetime. Only stolen time and procrastination will tell.

This morning I found a dead mouse as stiff as a post in my backyard. It reminded me of a time about 6 months back when Mr. Ruddock – the cat who comes to visit left a similar gift outside the front of our house.

He came in during the evening like usual by meowing at the door until somebody let him in, but wouldn’t calm down for ages – just prowling and meowing. Eventually after a good stroke and some catnip, he chilled out for the evening. When he decided to up and leave later on that evening he started freaking out again as we approached the door, and when I opened it I saw what the fuss was: a dead mouse. What struck me about the deceased rodent was how perfectly laid out it was, and positioned exactly centre between the door frame, as though it had been presented for me. I think Mr. Ruddock should be very proud of his taxidermy skills.

I perhaps unthoughtfuly threw it into the hedge at the side of the house, where it got a bit stuck in the brambles. I later wished that I had somehow kept the mouse and preserved its’ skeleton, or at least the skull. I reckon Mr. Ruddock would look pretty bad ass with a rack of skulls illustrating his kill list around his little neck.

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  1. Sam
    October 19, 2006

    Damb, thats a pritty mouse!!!
    I like skulls too……


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