Clawing and Biting

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Egads! it’s been well over a month since my last posting here, and I guess a fair amount has been happening in my life and the world generally (the crazy flood weather, I went to Egypt for a holiday, my friends are all still getting married left right and centre, and Mord the cat still keeps puking up at 5 in the morning every few days). I still concede that there are still not enough hours in the days though – this factor plays quite a role in the reasons why I haven’t been bloggin’ my mind recently. Of course, poor time management probably plays a bigger role in this failure along with my inevitable oncoming psychosis.

I must confess – the last month is now a blur of thoughts which frustrates me somewhat seeing as when I’ve been having the odd epiphany here and there , I’ve been aching to write it down here, but due to the afore-mentioned issues it falls to the wayside – I’m bound to have some time over the weekend I foolishly think, or on the sofa of an evening or indeed get into the routine I long for – getting up with the birds and preparing the day before it begins. This is where I am now I’m pleased to say.

Today I begin my full-time freelance life working from home. I’ve just finished a 3 month placement at RoughCollie working on an exciting cartoon project and really getting a feel for the studio life and managing workflow (read dedication and putting the hours in). Unfortunately they don’t really have room for one more so I’ve taken this current juncture to do what I’ve wanted to do for a while – give freelancing a go on a full-time scale. I’ve been working freelance for about 5 years now, but always along aside a part-time job and doing my projects on two week days and evenings and weekends which always left me unsatisfied – it meant I couldn’t really knuckle down to a job in those few days around my day job and I had no time to progress any of my more personal projects.
I’m hoping I’ll be able to treat this phase in a more business-like manner, working an essentially 9-6 job (not including the odd inevitable late night) and actually be able to get on top of those projects that while might not be well paid just need to be done, and Cleaning that slate will be so satisfying, and I know that if this doesn’t quite work out in a few months I’ll be back buried in job pages. This means I’m going to have to work to get the work coming in regularly and have my finances tip-top (shudder). This is where I long for the ability to bring another person on board to help – an ideal set-up would be like sweet or build where one of us does ‘the business’ and the other ‘does design’. I know that these particular examples are a million miles higher than my current league, but what’s the harm in dreaming? For now it’s me and the cat. As long as he doesn’t try and make the coffee It’ll be okay.

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