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The day’s task was to get back to the hook of Holland in time for our 2pm ferry. In my mind that would be a genteel trip to Massluis (where we got Gareth’s bike fixed on the first day) where brunch would be taken before meandering back to the port. however, the weather finally caught up with us blowing a north easterly wind and unpleasant rain.

I made it 15k before my knee thought it better to jump on a train the rest of the way; after all we still had a good 10k plus ride waiting for us in the dark back in blighty.
The ferry journey was a slow six hours, but offered an opportunity to buy unimaginative last minute souvenirs and a chance for a snatched moment of shut eye here and there.
Our last and possibly most dreaded leg of the journey still awaited, so we left the terminal only to find the rail replacement busses waiting and offering a direct trip to London. at first the drivers offered up a belligerent denial of service, but after some good old drunken bullying, they caved, and our big bike trip was over.
It has been a great five days. getting to spend some quality time with such long time friends is something i find very precious these days, and that’s the reason i went. I may have caused a bit of frustration amongst the others along the way for slowing the ‘real bikers’ down, but it was an experience we may never get to repeat; although on the coach home, plans for the next cross-uk trip were being made. I’d better get into training.

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