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So this is what life was like before the 90’s?
This week I have been without the internet. okay, that’s bit of a lie – I’m writing this live and direct on the interweb it is true. What I mean to say is my home broadband has been offline all week, and it looks like it won’t be resolved until the weekend at least. At first I assumed I was to be left redundant in so far as getting any work done.

How foolish – After the initial shock I realised I could quite easily just pop round the corner to one of my favourite coffeeshops, and do all my emailing there. I have been making a website this week too, which one would think would be nigh on impossible, but no – it just means I have to get as much ready as I can at home and ferry the files on my (t)rusty old powerbook for some wirelss-coffeeshop-ftp-action! I have found that I’m managing my time a little batter as I have no distraction to scan digg, flickr or check my email every 5 minutes as usually happens.
I now get locked down, do what I have to do and pop to shot in the dark in the afternoon to get my intertubes fix. Saying that, I now find myself leaving and half way up the road remembering what it was I went to do and who I was meant to email!
Now, if you’ll excuse me – I must get back to my studio and do some work 😀

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