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Well, maybe my last post was a tad reactionary and off the cuff, but I had given drinking coffee this week in a vain attempt to quit caffeine, but ended up drinking loads of tea for the first few days, but today all I’ve had so far is a couple of cups of DECAFFEINATED coffee.

I never thought I’d stoop so low as to have to start drinking decaf, but desperation has got the better of me. It tastes good, and I think it might be fooling my brain into submission (you’d have though caffeine was crack the way I’ve been climbing the walls the past few days).

So, it’s Easter weekend! hopefully I can celebrate the coming of Spring with some fertility rites (you don’t honestly believe Easter originated due to biblical stories do you)? it’s a big spring festival all about reproducing (the eggs) and Female fertility (Estre – Estrogen – Easter). so bring on the chocolate bunny – I needs feeding!

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