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They say yesterday was the most depressing day of the year. Without realising it, I was indeed very down in the dumps for no real reason. it was raining on me during my cycle into work, I was REALLY tired and brain dead after a weekend away and I had far too much to think about in my jobs to really want to focus on any of them. Anyway, an early(ish) night to bed and 8 hours later I’m a bit more equipped to take on today.

WTF? However, I have just heard on the radio that 90% of the tickets for Glastonbury have been sold. I keep telling myself I’ll go every year, but haven’t made it since 1998. It probably isn’t meant to be.

What was I saying? Oh yes, shitty days, now is a good day I hope. I’ve personally got the fear for the day ahead, but only because I’ve got to give assessment feedback to some students, and it’s new territory for me and I don’t want to bring them any bad news. Maybe though the good news of today will wash it away somewhat. The good news being OBAMARAMALAMADINGDONG! Yup, all the attention is on Washington DC today as Mr. Obama becomes president in Amorica. It’s all quite exciting – more so if you’re American I imagine.

Mr. Barak does have a real sense of celebrity razamataz about him. The first time I saw him stride into a press conference after being elected, I felt a buzz in the air (even though I was watching on TV about 3000 miles away) He’s got the super celebrity that someone like Frank Sinatra or Munroe might have had. Every word he utters is expected to be inspirational and will help usher in a time of peace and growth for all of humanity.

It’s all a bit crazy isn’t it?
The world have now put so much expectation on every move, every letter that falls from his mouth. From here on in the weight of the world will be jumping about on his shoulders. I hope the world doesn’t get too disappointed when this time next year there’ll still be wars in the world, The global economy will still be in tatters, and probably getting worse and there still won’t be a cure for Cancer, Aids or the common cold.

I’m sure Obama will be the best president of the USA in living memory and I sincerely hope he keeps living the dream and gets America and the world back on it’s feet and talking to each other about how to make things better, but we do need to keep in mind he’s just a man, not a superhero.

Unless of course he’s a reptile from Sirius, but that’s another story…

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