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This Summer has been very on and off – for a week or so in May (was it?) the UK enjoyed a week or so of glorious sunshine, and since then it’s been grey or rainy or cold or hailing or a mixture of these changes throughout the day. Yes, it’s been like this all over the world this year – all shook up, but hey that’s the unpredictable fun that is Global Warming™.

Yesterday, Debbie and I finally got round to inviting folk round , cleaning up the rusty bucket-on-wheels on the garden and having the first BBQ in out new house. It was a small, intimate affair – mostly due to only deciding upon it at the last minute as I was meant to be playing with my man band in Camarthen, but had to pull out of the festival due to our times being changed about so we couldn’t realistically make it. We are however playing at the Buffalo bar in Cardiff on Monday evening and we will make the day of anyone that turns up with a glorious feast of sound to fill the emptiest of souls. yeah.

I’m not sure what I was going to say about the BBQ other than it was fine. I ate a tasty burger and then fired up my new Shisha pipe with some fresh apple tobacco….mmmmmmm smooth. Everyone did leave quite early though due to hangovers from the previous day, so I still ended up getting an early night, which was something of a disappointment after my visions of inebriated philosophizing waxing lyrical well into the wee hours with close friends. aaaah well – another time maybe.

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  1. rokfoto
    September 3, 2007

    i wanna engage in deep, meaningful and ponderous philosophical debate too. over a beer. in the canteen. with geekness thrown in for good measure x


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