Giorno tre

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Our last morning in Milan was a quick affair. Despite my best intentions, I failed to make an early morning wander / photo ramble on any of our days in the city and Friday was no exception.
After breakfast we got to the train that would take us north to lake Como where the wedding is. The fast, modern euro train got us into the mountains within the hour, from Como, we took the ferry to Argegno where Fabio collected us for the quick drive up a hill to la Grigllia – our hotel for the weekend.

The scenery around this area is truly awsome in the true sense of the word. So picture postcard perfect it doesn’t quite sink in that it’s so real and so amazing right here in front our eyes.
At the hotel, we met our fellow wedding guests over the evening as we ate the most delicious fresh spaghetti and porcini mushrooms and ricotta olive ravioli washed down with local easy red wine. Welcome to the real Italy!

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