Dam day

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I woke quite early and went to forage for breakfast with orjon. after a few rounds of coffee and toast,we made our way back up to the centre.

I cant remember if there ever was a plan to ‘do’anything,but it was agreed that eight people feels like a critical mass when it comes to touring round a place as one group.
Sure, every vintage camera shop, book shop and curios corner caused a pang in my heart,but it’s great to be hanging out with this group of people and besides, maybe i can visit again for a selfish shopping and photography weekend next year (maybe Debbie would be up for a genteel cycling trip too).
Speaking of genteel, the ride here didn’t do an old knee problem any favours, so I’ve decided to get the train to Rotterdam with Gareth and Ad.

so yes, we spent the day wandering from one bar to the next, never quite finding what we were looking for (but isn’t that every tourists experience of Amsterdam), punctuated by a delicious beer in a very Dutch brown cafe and  finishing with a hearty Mexican meal and a super fun night time cycle back to the flat.

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