Cruise culture

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Yesterday was ‘easter saturday’ at sea. Perfect – a time to catch up with done reading, drawing and music listening. Although it did feel like a lot of finding a spot on deck for half an hour only for the wind to pick up and for a tea break to raise it’s head.
It was decided we would partake of some ‘classes’. In the morning it was mask painting – painting a selected pallet of pink, green, yellow, brown and black onto a creepy plain face ‘ venetiaAn’ style mask. It was difficult not to make it hella drag, and I’m sure it’s a hit with the trans-gendered community on board. My mask was fierce if I may say so. Debbie did managed to get more glitter on her than her mask which was pretty impressive. We later decided to give the masks away as easter gifts. Lucky people.

A lazy day in all, finished off with a raucous dinner which culminated in a restaurant-wide thanks to the hard working staff on board. The waiting and house keeping workers it seems have 8 month contracts and work 12 hour shifts with no days off. Theres a huge importance put on awarding individual staff recommendations of excellence from guests – only by getting a high rate of ‘bravissimo’ can the crew be awarded a day off. this macro culture of hierarchy can be hard to stomach, but it’s neither unique or cruise specific, I guess it’s just more noticeable in this situation. By being here though I’m unwillingly endorsing it. But hey, I’m here to eat shit loads and live leisurely, not feel guilty dammit.
We arrived in dubrovnik this morning and had a few hours to rush around the once heavily shelled and picturesque walled city. Once away from the throngs of day trippers, there’s some nice spots to be found, and I’d be well up for re visiting the dalmation coast. Back on board now though sipping afternoon tea and looking forward to getting back to venice in the morning.

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