back on the horse. (not that one)

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Maybe it’s my lack of getting up early over the winter months, a periodic dissatisfaction of always being ‘on’ , or forgetfulness but after not touching my blog for a while, I fancy getting back on the wild horse that is wasting time writing my blog. Most of my entries seem to start this way, as if I’m apologising to my imagined public – hordes of readers hanging on my every bloggy movement. Not sure why.

So, TV turn off week came and went from April the 21st – 27th, although this year it was billed ‘Mental Detox’ week, as in this modern age, it’s not just TV that is vying for our head-space, but the internet, video games, mobile phones, toasters etc. I think the idea was to not waste time surfing the net when not working (at your computer) and instead of playing Ikaruga (on my Dreamcast), have a potato gun fight. Addicted to Scrabblicous? have some friends over and dust of the analogue board. I wholeheartedly agree with the concept, but although I kept the idea in my mind, life got in the way and I pilled up on the mental junk food as normal. I do plan on going camping at some point over the Summer though with my mobile turned off, So I’ll just postpone my detox. 
Of course, Shut Down Day this weekend might be more successful as I’ve got into the dangerous habit of actually having weekends lately. Crazy but true. I’m also having fewer late night working sessions – I must either be getting lazy or deciding that slothfullness is greater than being a workaholic. Maybe it’s the consequence of living with my girlfriend. I’m not blaming her, but god knows if I was still al bachelor I’d be burning my candles 24-7.

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